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Fiber, Pelts, and Patterns

Are You, or Do You Know, a Knitter?


Knit with the most luxurious of all fibers: cashmere! Once you have felt its softness you will find it hard to knit with anything else! Use it for the most special of projects – scarves, shawls and hats.



  • 100% cashmere

  • 50% cashmere, 25% merino, 25% silk

  • Patterns

  • Cashmere pelts

  • Pillows, hats, and vests (made from pelts)

Goats for Sale
Does and Bucks

Yearlings, Kids, & Adults


Are you looking to start a herd of your own? Whether you are looking for one goat or a dozen, we can help you in the process.


Between our

 senior breeding does,

yearling bucks,

kid bucks, and does

you will find it difficult to decide!



  • Kid and yearling bucks

  • Breeding Bucks and Does

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